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What is the raw material of Melden fabric?

What is the raw material of Melden fabric?

Industry News
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2019/02/25 11:01
What is the raw material of Melden fabric? Melden fabric is a kind of high-grade wool fabric, used to make clothes and other clothing, not only straightforward and stylish, but also very well-fitting, so that clothes can better keep warm and show body shape, so now many high-grade clothes are made of well-chosen Melden fabric. In the production of Melden fabric, manufacturers will use different raw materials to meet the production requirements of different garments. So, what materials can Melden fabric use for textile?
1. Full Wool Raw Materials
Everyone knows that Melden fabrics are wool fabrics, so it can be made from all wool materials. The wool or first-grade modified wool in the whole wool material will account for the majority of the proportion, while the rest is combed short wool. However, all wool materials are not necessarily 100% wool fabrics. Sometimes, in order to effectively increase the strength and wear resistance of raw materials, nylon staple fibers of less than 10% will be mixed into wool, so that the raw materials produced are still wool fabrics. Madden fabrics produced with this material can make clothing more wear-resistant.
2. Blended Material
In addition to wool raw materials, manufacturers can also use blended materials to textile when producing Melden fabrics. Compared with wool raw materials, the proportion of wool, first-class improved wool and combed short wool in blended raw materials will decrease. In order to meet the requirements of fabric, a certain amount of viscose fibers and synthetic fibers will be added to wool instead, so that the fabric can better meet the needs of garment production.
Whole wool or blended materials can be used to produce Melden fabrics, and different original Melden fabrics have certain differences in feel and texture. Therefore, in order to make clothing that meets the requirements, we should not only choose fashionable Melden fabrics, but also give due consideration to the raw materials used in the fabrics to ensure that they can reach the target. To the initial requirements of fashion design.