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Are Melden Wool Fabrics Characteristics of Melden Wool Fabrics

Are Melden Wool Fabrics Characteristics of Melden Wool Fabrics

Industry News
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2019/02/25 11:04
Is Melton wool wool wool? Melton wool is a loanword for its characteristics. It is a kind of woolen fabric with high quality. It is also referred to as wheat in China. In history, the British first created the production center in Leicestershire Melton mowbray, so named after the place name, Melton for short.
Mailden wool is usually made of first grade modified wool or 60 wool, mixed with a small amount of combed short wool or viscose fibers. Weave with 2/2, 1/2 twill or plain weave.
According to the weight of the finished product, it can be divided into two kinds: thin Melden (200-340g/) and thick Melden (340-520g/). At present, the domestic mass production of Melden wool is mostly 450-490g/.
According to the difference of weave structure, it can be divided into three kinds: plain weave Melden, twill weave Melden and variable weave Melden. At present, the majority of mass production is twill tissue Melden.
Melden cloth is compact in structure. After two shrinkage treatments, both sides of the fabric are covered with fine wool, which is full and dense, and no underprint is seen. Fabric suede is clean and smooth, with rich handle, elasticity, straightness, wrinkle resistance, wear resistance, pilling resistance, good warmth retention, and water and wind resistance. The main color is dark, mostly Tibetan blue, primary color or other dark color.
Widely used: mainly used for some stiffer clothing such as coats, windbreakers, uniforms, military uniforms, trousers, hats, curtains, poker tables and so on.
Cleaning instructions: professional grade dry cleaning, avoid light when drying, do not bleach.