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What is double-sided cloth?

What is double-sided cloth?

Industry News
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2019/02/25 11:09
Two-sided woolen overcoat is two pieces of velvet fabric. Through cutting and other processes, the super-fine thin two layers are stitched together, but no stitching thread can be found.
Generally, it is made of natural fabrics such as high quality cashmere, wool and rabbit hair. Its overall feel is delicate, lubricating, compact, straightforward and elastic, and its color is gorgeous and colorful. It is suitable for different age levels.
The value of double-sided fabrics is that the cashmere fabrics with super-good handle and thin two layers are sewn together, but no seams can be found.
Fabric, a thicker and denser woolen fabric, is often used for uniforms, overcoats, etc. Fabric is very popular in autumn and winter market because of its novel and unique style, soft in straightening, simple and fashionable, and elegant in rough.
Its processing materials include cashmere, wool, imitation cashmere, synthetic fibers and so on. When weaving, the upper and lower layers are separately connected by independent shuttles and the middle is connected by nodular yarns.
In the manufacturing process, the upper and lower layers can be plucked or plucked separately. Due to the different treatment methods, we can get many varieties such as single-sided upholstery, double-sided upholstery, single-sided down, double-sided down, twill single-sided down, double-sided down, non-Down and so on.
The fabrication process of double-sided fabrics can be divided into two forms: hand sewing and machine sewing. There are no stitches on the surface of hand-sewn double-sided garments. Machine-sewn double-sided garments can sew different style thread according to need. It is generally believed that hand-made double-sided garments are of high grade.