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How about woolen fabrics

How about woolen fabrics

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2019/02/25 11:11
Shun wool fabric is one of the conventional varieties in woolen fabrics. It is a kind of woolen fabrics with a certain wool height but no underprint after surface wool shearing treatment. Because the wool on its surface follows a direction and has downward wool, it is called Shun wool.
Shun wool fabric belongs to woolen fabrics. After dyeing with wool grey fabric in production, many procedures are used to coax, fluff and ironing. The effect is that the surface of the fabrics is like animal fur, which is bright and smooth. It is the ideal choice for men's and women's clothing fabrics. Now the market is very hot. Double-sided fabrics are actually the extension of woolen fabrics. It extends the traditional single-sided woolen fabrics to double-layer structure, making the fabrics thicker and thicker.
The upper and lower layers of double-sided fabrics are independent fabrics, which are joined by yarns without gluing, so they are lighter. Although double-sided overcoats are double-sided fabrics, they are always known as "zero gravity" because of their soft and lightweight texture. Put on a double-faced cloth coat, the body is as free as breathing, the mystery of light as feathers. Tongcheng textile production of wool, double-sided wool wool: (1) non-pilling, raw materials are slender and long, textile technology to take anti-pilling, pilling settings. After finishing, multiple pilling treatment ensures that the fabric trajectory method is grade 3-4, and the European standard is grade 3 or more. (2) Do not fade, adopt multi-bath method of raw materials and yarn-dyed weaving technology to ensure high color fastness, dry grinding grade 4 or more, wet grinding grade 3 or 4 perspiration fastness grade 3 or 4, solvent sticky color fastness grade 4, and finished fabrics are bright in color. (3) With wool foot, excessive head material is used in production, sliver test before spinning, standard yarn sample test before spinning, and multi-point sampling test in spinning to ensure that the fabric composition meets the high requirements of customers.