What is the raw material of Malden tweed fabric?


What is the raw material of Malden tweed fabric? Malden fabric is a kind of high-grade tweed fabric, which is used to make coats and other garments, which is not only stylish but also very flattering, so that the garments can keep warm and show the body better. In the production of Malden fabric, manufacturers will use different raw materials to meet the production requirements of different garments. So, which raw materials can be used to weave Malden fabric?

1、Whole wool material

We all know that Malden fabric is a kind of tweed fabric, so Malden fabric can use all-wool material to produce, all-wool material of wool or first-class improved wool will account for most of the proportion, and the remaining part is combed short wool. Sometimes, in order to increase the strength and wear resistance of the raw material, no more than ten percent of nylon short fiber will be mixed with wool, so that the raw material still belongs to full wool, and this raw material can make the garment more wear resistant.

2、Mixed raw materials

In addition to all-wool raw materials, manufacturers can also use blended raw materials in the production of Malden fabrics. Compared with the whole wool raw materials, the proportion of wool, first-class improved wool and combed short wool in the blended raw materials will be reduced, in order to achieve the requirements of the woven products, instead of adding a certain amount of viscose fiber and synthetic fiber in the wool, so that the woven products can better meet the needs of clothing production.

Whether all wool raw materials or blended raw materials can be used to produce Malden fabrics, and different original production of Malden fabrics in the feel and texture is also a certain difference, so in order to make clothing to meet the requirements, not only to choose the fashionable Malden fabrics, but also to give due consideration to the raw materials used in the fabric is what to ensure that the initial requirements of the clothing design can be achieved.