Malden tweed is wool? Malden tweed fabric characteristics


Melton wool is wool? Melton wool fabric characteristics, Melton wool (Melton wool)) word is a foreign language, is a high quality of coarse wool fabric, domestic also referred to as wheat tweed. In the history of the British first created, when the production center in Leicestershire melton mowbray, so named after the place name, referred to as melton.

Melton tweed is often made from first-class modified wool or 60 count wool, mixed with a small amount of combed short wool or viscose fiber. It is woven with 2/2, 1/2 twill or plain weave.

According to the weight of the finished product is divided into thin Malden tweed (200-340g/㎡) and thick Malden tweed (340-520g/㎡) two kinds. At present, the domestic mass production of Malden tweed is mostly 450-490g/㎡.

According to the different weaving organization, it is divided into three kinds: plain Malden, twill Malden and variegated Malden. At present, most of the mass production is twill malden.

Malden tweed structure is tight, by two shrinkage finishing, the fabric front and back are covered with fine pile, pile full of dense, not visible underline. Fabric pile surface fine and smooth, feel rich, elastic, brace and not easy to wrinkle, wear-resistant, not easy to pilling, good warmth, and has the characteristics of water and wind resistance. It is mainly in dark colors, and is dyed into navy, primary colors or other dark colors.

Wide range of uses: mainly used for some relatively stiff clothing such as coats, trench coats, uniforms, military uniforms, pants, hats, and curtain fabrics, poker tables, etc.

Cleaning instructions: professional grade dry cleaning, avoid light when drying, do not bleach.