How about smooth tweed fabric


Smooth tweed fabric is one of the regular varieties of coarse spinning fabric, that is, the surface after the hair pulling and shearing treatment, there is a certain amount of hair high but does not show the bottom grain of the coarse spinning fabric, because the surface of the hair is along a direction, there are inverted smooth hair, so called smooth tweed.

Smooth tweed belongs to coarse spinning fabric, the production of wool blank dyeing, coaxing dry, hair, ironing light many procedures, do the effect is the surface of the fabric like the effect of animal fur, bright and smooth. Is the ideal choice of fabric for men's and women's clothing, now the market is very hot double-sided tweed is actually the extension of the tweed, the traditional conventional varieties of single-sided tweed extended to double-layer tissue structure, so that the fabric is thicker.

Double-sided tweed fabric up and down the two layers are independent fabric, the middle by the yarn connection, no glue, and therefore more lightweight; although double-sided tweed coat is a double layer of fabric, but because of its soft and light texture, and therefore has always been known as "zero gravity". Wearing a double-sided tweed coat, the body is as free as breathing, such as the mystery of feather lightness. Tongcheng textile production of smooth wool tweed, double-sided smooth wool tweed ① not pilling, the raw material is thin and long, the textile process to take anti-pilling, pilling settings. After finishing multiple pilling and pilling treatment to ensure that the fabric produced track law 3 ~ 4 level, European standard flip box hair more than 3 level. ②No color loss, take raw materials multi-bath method, color weaving process to ensure high color fastness, dry grinding more than grade 4, wet grinding 3~4 sweat fastness 3~4, solvent sticky color fastness 4, finished fabric colorful. ③The wool content is sufficient, the production takes super proportional head material, spinning into a strip test, pre-production standard yarn sample test, spinning multi-point sampling test to ensure that the fabric composition reaches the customer's high demand design standards.