What is double-sided?


Double-sided tweed coat is two pieces of fleece fabric, through cutting and other processes, the feel of a super thin two layers sewn together into one, but can not find any stitching threads.

It is generally made of high quality cashmere, wool, rabbit fur and other natural fabrics, and the overall feel is delicate and lubricious, texture is tight, brace and elastic, color is gorgeous and colorful, suitable for different age levels.

The valuable thing about double-sided tweed is that the feel is superb, thin two layers of cashmere fabric sewn into one piece, but can not find any joint stitching.

Tweed is a thicker and denser woolen fabric, mostly used for uniforms, coats, etc. Tweed fabric is very popular in the autumn and winter market because of its novel and chic style, brace without losing the softness, simple without losing the fashion, rough with elegance.

Its processing raw materials are cashmere, wool, imitation cashmere, synthetic fiber and other major categories. When weaving, the upper and lower layers are connected with independent shuttles and knotted yarns in the middle.

During the manufacturing process, the upper and lower layers can be plied or brushed separately. Due to the different treatment methods, there are many varieties of single-sided standing pile, double-sided standing pile, single-sided brushed, double-sided brushed, twill single-sided brushed, double-sided brushed, and non-pile.

Double-sided tweed production process can be divided into two forms: hand-sewn and machine-sewn. Hand-sewn double-sided production process sewn garments without stitches on the surface, machine sewn double-sided production process sewn garments, can be machine sewn according to the needs of different style lines. It is usually considered that hand-made reversible garments are of a higher grade.